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What's in your heart?

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" My best friend Michele, who lived across the street when I was in grade-school, smiled and waited patiently for an answer. A vivacious Italian beauty, she had sparking blue eyes and long black hair. Today it was braided and up in pigtails to keep her cooler under the warm rays of the summer sun. Michele surveyed the group of kids who had gathered to play with us that afternoon. Everyone was sitting down inside the fort we had built, that was shaded by an old oak tree in my backyard.

"Baseball player," "Mother," "Teacher," "Fireman," the answers came without hesitation. My turn to speak came and I shrugged my shoulders. Silently I wondered why I didn't know. It seemed like everyone else did. A born romantic, I mused aloud wistfully, "Maybe God plans for me to die young?" Everyone giggled, thinking I was being silly. A mother's voice rang through the twilight breeze, "Jeff, it's time for dinner." We all stood and brushed the grass and dirt from our legs, then started trudging home. 

Years passed, yet I still hadn't figured out what to do with my life. Then I had a realization. The only thing that really mattered to me, was to find true love. So began my search. Unfortunately, hangovers, date rape, bulimia, failing out of college, heartbreaks and disappointments diminished my hopes for my future. When I thought I finally found the "man of my dreams,"our relationship turned out to be more like a nightmare. He eventually hurt me so deeply, I gave up hoping and tried to commit suicide. That was when an amazing thing happened. I discovered true love had been there, all along.

Anyone who has ever been disappointed with the way things have turned out, at some point in your life, should be able to relate. Are you aware that God has a plan for you, and it is even more wonderful than your wildest dreams? My story, Christ's Compassion, tells the tale of how Jesus helped me find meaning and purpose in life and gave me the one thing I wanted most of all...true love.



*This book contains material that is not suitable for children. Parental guidance suggested for teens. Some of the names have been changed in this story to protect other's privacy. *